and another one: high gloss joins the online shelter mag party

High Gloss

Hot on the heels of Matchbook comes High Gloss, the latest online shelter title to hit our digital bookshelves. In an interview with Shelterpop last week, Founder and Editor-in-Chief Paloma Contreras noted that the title has a broad focus that includes interiors, fashion, travel and entertaining and the proof is in the pudding: the inaugural issue boasts 181 glorious pages! Why Domino ever went to the big magazine bin in the sky will forever be beyond me, but I’m thankful for the growing list of digital titles in its absence and am anxiously awaiting the day when the staffs of all these projects storm the castle of big publishing and convince someone, somewhere to let them combine their talents and print one massive magazine that will give my peepers a much needed break from this computer! –Sarah C.

On our shelf:
High Gloss
Sweet Paul

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i don’t think the link to High Gloss is working. :(

Megan B

Fixed! Thanks!