edible spray paint: yes or yuck?

edible food spray

While getting happily lost in the visual smorgasbord that is Pinterest earlier this week, I ran across this pin by Joy Cho of Oh Joy! and just had to share. Edible. Spray paint. Made by The Deli Garage with packaging by Korefe, the Edible Food Spray comes in red, blue, gold and silver, and would clearly be the special sauce for the next time you find yourself lusting to bling out that bok choy. The options are endless (I’d love to lend a Midas touch to some apples or pears around the holidays) but tell me, would you eat painted food? What would you use this for? –Sarah C.

photo by The Deli Garage

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Incredible effect, but it 100% depends on the aftertaste. I can’t stand the gross flavor that certain “edible” elements leave behind. My secondary question is, would it stain your teeth/lips/tongue? Because let’s be honest, that would be hilarious at a swanky party!


well, we have no qualms about ingesting luster dust, colored fondant, or any of the dyes found in packaged food. I just checked out the ingredients, and the main one is ethyl alcohol. Vodka is often used as a propellant when cake decorating, so really, what’s the difference?

Mary T.

I bet it would look gorgeous on chocolates.


I’d try it once, because why not? But I agree with Julie, any subsequent consumption would depend on the taste. I agree it would be funny to see grown-ups all stained varying colors after biting into the painted fruit.


It kind of gives me the creeps to think about eating silver pears or carrots or cookies. It looks cool as hell, but no way would I eat it.

I agree with Daffodil, looks great but it must be kind of strange to consume…

I thought the same thing as Julie- that it would stain your mouth! I’d still try it.

Megan B

Sarah- you are great. I’m glad the phrase “bling out the bok choy” exists now. And yeah, I’d eat it. I think it sounds so fun! My mind is swimming with all the possibilities. Robot cookies in silver! Gilded bacon strips! Theme party options galore with this stuff.

Sarah L.

first thought: bond. james bond. the winter doldrums have officially hit.


Perfect for those people in NYC who paint their entire bodies silver and stand unflinching on the sidewalk in Time Square. Also perfect for Blue Man Group! You should pitch this product to them.

Sarah C.

Haha I agree with everyone’s points here! If there was no aftertaste and it didn’t stain my mouth I would definitely give it a go. Regardless of actually eating it, I think the options are pretty endless with the fun stuff one could do. Despite being certifiably edible, I might still have a tough time eating something with metallic spray on it – but I love it and think it’s super fun!

I wish I had it when I made somebody a laptop cake last year! Now I want to make a layer cake, decorate it with piped icing with the happy birthday and all on top, then spray it silver, candles and all! Totally Tron!

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