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Over the past two years my knife collection has gained a few pieces, and one day outgrew its block. I looked into purchasing a bigger block to store them in, but found the prices to be a little more than I wanted to spend, and the blocks themselves were kind of bulky and, well, ugly. So I brainstormed and came up with a new storage solution. I found a rectangular ceramic vase at a local house wares store and filled it with … guess what? Un-popped popcorn! The popcorn keeps the knives separated and upright, and won’t dull the blades. I’m pretty excited about my functional (yet stylish) knife block. What do you think? –- Rebecca F.

Photo credit: Rebecca Firlik

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Megan B

I think this is so clever! Very cute — I may steal it for knife storage at work!


What do I think? I think you are brilliant!

I purchased something similar from Viva Terra, a rectangular box of brightly painted wood filled with upright bamboo skewers, only to be disappointed because the skewers are loose and pull out whenever I remove a knife.

Your popcorn kernel idea is MUCH better.

Brilliant! I have a knife block made from a similar concept – a wood block, filled with a bunch of food-grade plastic rods that are all fused together at the bottom (avoids the loose-skewer issue that DJ mentions). We love it, and have given a few as gifts.

This is a great DIY take – if anything ever happens to the one we have, I think I’ll have to go this route!

Keith @ Barbie Cooking

You have a brilliant ideas… very useful ideas to all
great great post!!

I absolutely LOVE this idea. I’m going to copy it tomorrow, thank you very much :) Have a lovely weekend!

Love the idea. Do you have to change the kernals very often?

just the DIY I was looking for! We have a drawer full of knifes and we need to organise it but cant bear spending $$ on a block that doesnt go with our kitchen look – big thanks!


Brilliant!!! I used brown rice- hope that it doesn’t dull the knives. Seems similar to corn? Thank you!!!

LOVE this idea, thank you! Over the past 25 years we’ve shelled out more bucks than I’d care to count on expensive knife storage that … won’t let the drawer close; magnetic bars to wall mount that were just too dangerous with children; and having multiple bulky hardwood blocks showing their ugly selves on the counter tops… You may have just saved us! I am always looking for a reason to display one of my gorgeous vases or vessels :) Can you share why the kernels do not dull blades? Seems counterintuitive. I googled it but no answer and your link leads to a “one that got away” post instead of an explanation. Thanks so much! Kat

I am on my way to the store to get a vase!!!! I love the idea and it is VERY stylish. Thanks

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I do something similar. I take a utensil holder and fill it with uncooked rice. Just make sure the holder is taller than your longest blade so the knife tip doesn’t hit the bottom. You can also layer bottom with cork board to protect the tip.