will you miss incandescent light bulbs?


This article in USA Today about people hoarding incandescent bulbs due to their planned obsolescence brings up an interesting debate. I’ve been converted to CFL’s for quite a while now, save for a few particular lamps that require a super-small bulb, so I can’t really say that I’ll miss the old-school design. I’ll admit it, though, I agree with a few of the stockpilers’ grievances — I find it irritating how some of the CFL’s are slow to fully light up. And others expressed concerns of the mercury risk and increased care when disposing. How do you feel about the old tungsten-filament design: are you sad to see it go, or are you green all the way? — Megan B.

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I’ll be sad! I like the aesthetics of the wire through the glass, and I LOVE the little ‘tink tink’ when you rattle a spent bulb. Weird?


I cannot accept it! CFL’s are so COLD! The light from incandescent is much warmer and creates great ambiance…what a loss!

I’m fine with it if they can make some better looking candelabra bulbs. However I think some of the LED’s will be able to give a nice effect in a few years. I used to think the CFL’s were cold, but I was just buying the wrong kind. They make a yellower one now.

As my husband, a public historian, pointed out everyone used to think light bulbs were to harsh compared to candlelight. It always takes awhile to get used to the new.

Sarah L.

i don’t mind the change for decreased consumption’s sake, but i think it’s a joke when i see packaging that claims the new bulbs will last years. they don’t, they’re harder to recycle and cost too much to boot. i think once the quality improves, it won’t seem like such a sacrifice.


God, yes. These horrible CFLs are just like office fluorescent lights, no matter how they market themselves as having a new warm, sunshine-y goodness.

And these new bulbs will bring environmental problems of their own, just you wait. And I’m with Sarah L… these things don’t last nearly as long as advertised.


not weird Tracy, I too rattle a bulb for pleasure even after I know it has gone. I think there are so many types of bulbs and each has its purpose. It is strange to say only these are allowed now.
Once I figured out which bulb is best for each fixture I don’t think I have single soft white in the house.

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I have 3 main concerns about the switch and they mainly have to do with “green-washing”. Most of the CFL’s I’ve seen for sale in stores come is massive unrecyclable plastic packages, are shipped from overseas, and contain toxins. I think until they are packaged better, are perhaps made at least in the Western Hemisphere and are not toxic in anyway (including the plastic base not to mention mercury) I won’t be following this rule out of pure “I’m not fallin’ for it”. Second point is that the main energy consumption in a house is NOT lights. It’s heaters (baseboard, hot water, etc). Again, not falling for it.

I am one of those stock piling incandescent bulbs, as fluorescent light bulbs give me a headache. I live with this on a daily basis, since my workplace and many public places are lit with fluorescents, but I’d like to keep my home as my refuge and a place I can be comfortable in. If I don’t have enough stock piled in time, I guess I’ll be stocking up on candles!

The only one’s I’m trying to buy up before they disappear forever are the GE “Reveal” lights. They are the only non-CFL bulbs in my house, but I wouldn’t dream of putting anything else in my bathroom. It’s the one place where I spend any length of time looking in a mirror– yellowish lights can make it hard to tell if I’ve blended my makeup properly while bluish ones make me look sick. Either way, that’s the last impression I want of myself before I leave in the morning.

Plus, I learned the hard way a few years ago how much the other lights can affect wall color in such a small space. Until I changed my bulbs, the gorgeous bright blue bathroom in my old apartment looked like a wierd shade of green every time I flipped on the lights.

I will incandescent bulbs to some extent, but what I will not miss is the trouble in replacing them. These bulbs take a long time to cool off unlike the CFL and the site of the electricity on the filaments has always creeped me out.

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