happy valentine’s day! do you celebrate at work?

bud vases

Yes, Valentine’s Day is uber-commercialized and oft overdone, but one thing I do like about it, (besides the chocolate – my fave food group) is that it gives us a reason to celebrate each other. At work we have a Fun Committee (yes, my job is that awesome) that administrates fun events that help us to appreciate our coworkers every time a holiday rolls around. Today I brought in a bouquet of flowers and split it up between an assortment of Crate & Barrel’s bud vases ($2.50 each) to create personal mini bouquets for each of my coworkers in my immediate department. At less than $4 a person, the completed arrangements are just a small, inexpensive way to spruce up our space and let everyone know they’re appreciated. Of course, we’re also making personalized cards (the Fun Committee means business) but I’d love to know: Do you celebrate holidays at your job?

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, from all of us here at Shelterrific! –Sarah C.

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oh gosh, I was worried you were going all WSJ on us with work spouses.
As the only female in an office of 30 technology workers, I seem to be the fun committee. If I feel like decorating or otherwise celebrating I goad the guys into it, sometimes begrudgingly. If I don’t feel like it, I always get a few comments about the lack of holiday spirit. Not once have I had any of them volunteer for a “fun committee” though. I have celebrated Hanukkah, Chinese New Year and Diwali, despite my WASP background but not once have I brought Valentines day into the office.


Ellie, I feel your pain…. I am one of the few females in my department of 100+ technology folks… and the only one that even reminds folks about important dates. I wore a red scarf today, but have yet to see anyone else wearing anything red. Bah Humbug! I had to gently remind a number of guys to go get a card or flowers or something for their wives. Sheesh!

WAY better than wasting money on store bought cards. i can’t think of anyone who doesn’t love flowers…

Megan B

@ Ellie: I DO work w/ my spouse, and we worked together yesterday, but I can tell you we had NO time to celebrate there at all. Valentines for us is kept out of the workplace, as is the bulk of the romatnic gesture kind of stuff. Best part is the customer who brought me flowers for V-day — sweetest gesture ever!

Sarah C.

Wow – this is so interesting. My company is mostly run by women and it has been a really awesome change from my old job for me in that way. That breakdown probably has a lot to do with it. And awww Megan! That’s so awesome that a customer did that for you!

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