beat-up sheet pan, i can’t quit you!


We all have dirty little house secrets – things we’re not exactly proud of in our homes. We keep things that are beat up, (almost) worn out, and generally past their prime. I have one in my kitchen: a 12+ year-old aluminum sheet pan. It’s a weird size, super thin, bent, scorched, and does not bake evenly. It was probably non-stick at one time, but the coating has long since disappeared. Somehow, though, I can’t retire it! I have several other Chicago Metallic baking pans that are amazing, and could kick the butt of this pan any day. But yet, I seem to need this one to put under a baking pie, or toast croutons, or warm up frozen leftovers. I’m embarrassed by it and try not to bring it out when I have guests over because it’s so shabby. Instead, I keep it hidden away, like a security blanket, only to be used when I’m cooking by myself. Now that I’ve shared my dirty little house secret – what’s yours!? – Rebecca F.

Photo credit: Rebecca Firlik

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Rebecca — when did you come to my house and steal my sheet pan? Seriously, I have the twin to yours, and use it for the same types of things. Mine is only semi-hidden, as I live alone and don’t need to hide it, but don’t really want to see it, either. My sister spotted it one day, and gave me this look that said, “Really? You use this? And now you’re going to serve me dinner?” An explanation was in order.

I feel like I’m more likely to use an old beat-up pan than a newer, nicer one, like I’m trying to save the other one for a “special occasion” or something. It doesn’t make sense, but it does in my head!

Mary T.

Hey, I say, as long as they’re still functional, use ’em! We have a set that came from the grocery store and they work great. Yep, they have all kinds of burnt-on stuff that will never scrub off them, but we still use them!


Just pat yourself on the back for being eco-friendly.

as much as i love my chicago baking sheets, i completely agree with you rebecca. i would be heartbroken if my 18+ years old baking sheet went m.i.a.

That looks a lot like my pan! You are not alone.

beat-up sheet pan, i can’t quit you! « studio lovely

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