summer in a jar from think geek

summer in a jar

I stumbled upon this little goodie from ThinkGeek last week and I was momentarily transplanted from the snow drifts of Chicago to a muggy midsummer night. The lovely little jar features an electronic butterfly that flutters at movement or sound. Choose from pink morpho, blue morpho, monarch, or yellow swallowtail to flutter eternally (or at least until you need to replace its batteries). The best part is this little jar full of happiness is only $20! It’s a small price to pay for the giddy feeling you’ll get every time you see it on your desk. –Katie D.

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I currently serve as a chaplain in a nursing home. One of our residents always kept a garden and became very down in these winter months, so we purchased a battery operated monarch butterfly for her room. Every morning we would move it from the window to the ledge, etc, and she has found such delight out of it! I’ve already asked for one for my own kitchen… perhaps it will perk up the mundane task of washing dishes.

Summer in a Jar from Think Geek | Katie Donbavand

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Katie D.

Aww, Jess, thanks for sharing that sweet story!


I bought one of these for my sister for Christmas this year (she is an bio/entomology professor). She has it on her desk at work and loves it! I am thinking of picking up a few more for gifts this year!
(I actually purchased this at cracker barrel…totally random!)


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