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I don’t think I ever entered an Army/Navy surplus store before moving to Seattle, and it took me three years to go inside the one here. I think I was expecting flak jackets and gun holsters and knives — and yes, they do carry some stuff like that. But I wasn’t expecting the wide variety of very useful stuff they carry at screamin’ deals! So far we’ve purchased camping gear like water bottles and mini stoves — they have a generous selection of small camping items at prices below what I’ve seen at the big outdoor stores. Last trip in, I noticed some nice looking daypacks for a smidge under $50 — the kind designed to let your back “breathe” on a hot day. There’s a huge selection of wool-blend blankets that would lend a nice industrial-chic touch to a bedroom, and they are crazy cheap, many under $30. There are also camp mess kits, foldup cots, travel gear, canvas messenger bags, and camp showers. (You might also find some really stylish caps for just $4.99 — my husband’s new favorite hat — waterproof parkas, rows of rain boots, and lots of sweatshirts…the list goes on and on.) If you don’t have one in your town, shop here or here. — Mary T.

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Megan B

I’m making a trip down there stat! I NEED one of those gray blankets w/ the white stripes! So cute!

Laura Pacchetti-Khabbazi

there is another awesome Army Navy store in Montara facing the ocean in San Mateo county.

They can get in anything from many time periods!