help! what should I know about going on a cruise?


Stop the presses: I’m going on vacation. Yes, a real vacation. It has been years since I’ve had a chance to get away but in a few weeks I’ll be setting sail on my very first cruise and I’m excited but also uneducated. When it comes to cruising I know two things: first, that there is never any good press about cruises (thanks, travel writing 101) and second, that there are some people, including a few going on this trip, who are cruising connoisseurs, have gone on many and know everything there is to know about them. I also know that when it comes to giving travel advice, no group beats our readers! So I’m throwing it out to you: What should I pack or not pack? Is there anything I should know about the food, the rooms, and the ship? There are so many theme nights and schedule options that I don’t even know how to begin preparing, so spill your secrets! What should I know about going on a cruise? — Sarah C.

Image courtesy of The National Maritime Museum.

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