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It’s no secret that our cats, Honky (top) and Orville (bottom) rule the roost. The furniture is all theirs really, from the bed to my desk, and every inch of space in between. Even though they’re not wanting for cozy nap spots, I couldn’t help but augment their existing favorite wine crate bed into a deluxe double decker model, so they could share the coveted window spot by the heater vent without any scuffles. All I did was drill some holes in the crates and attached them with wood screws — two on the bottom and two on the sides to attach the base to the second crate, and then four on the top crate. It is sturdy, but just in case our heavy-footed and clumbsy boy Orville may knock it over, I put a heavy rock at the front of the bottom crate to offset the other side and create more stability.

I’m really pleased with the result, and as you can see, the cats don’t mind it either. I’d like to do a few more things to finish it, sew some coordinated cushions, maybe line the vertical crate with jute or rope so they can scratch on it, and my husband has suggested perhaps painting it. What do you think? Have any ideas to jazz it up and complete our new piece of pet furniture? — Megan B.

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I don’t have any ideas about sprucing it up, but just wanted to say that Honky and Orville are the best cat names EVER.

Megan B

Dj, thanks! I can’t take credit for Honky, as my husband named her 16 (yes, really) years ago — but Orville was all me. And they of course both have like 15 different alternate names each, you know.


Jute sounds like a lot of hard work: winding it around and hot gluing…try carpet remnants and a staple gun instead.

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[…] This time someone simply, and cleverly, took a few old wine crates and make a pretty good looking cat “bunk bed”.  Being that my husband is in the wine business, AND we have two cats, this is so going to be my […]

I like the rustic look of it. Maybe you could dangle a few cat toys from the top one.

Looks great, and the top cat is out like a light! Very cute. I love cats and they seem to really like wine crates. The design is also very attractively rustic as well. I agree with Carol on the dangling cat toys.