five things we learned last week


1) For the most part, we leave celebrating Valentine’s Day to our home lives. Sarah C. shared her plans for tiny bouquets for her coworkers, but for most of us, the holiday passes without much fanfare at work. Joanne says: “Ellie, I feel your pain…. I am one of the few females in my department of 100+ technology folks… and the only one that even reminds folks about important dates. I wore a red scarf today, but have yet to see anyone else wearing anything red. Bah Humbug! I had to gently remind a number of guys to go get a card or flowers or something for their wives. Sheesh!”

2) We all have dirty house secrets. Rebecca F. shared hers in the tale of her beloved, but beaten up sheet pan and you have similar stories. Anita says: “Rebecca — when did you come to my house and steal my sheet pan? Seriously, I have the twin to yours, and use it for the same types of things. Mine is only semi-hidden, as I live alone and don’t need to hide it, but don’t really want to see it, either. My sister spotted it one day, and gave me this look that said, “Really? You use this? And now you’re going to serve me dinner?” An explanation was in order.”

3) We’re ready for summer. Until then, this electronic butterfly in a jar will have to lift our spirits. Jess says, “I currently serve as a chaplain in a nursing home. One of our residents always kept a garden and became very down in these winter months, so we purchased a battery operated monarch butterfly for her room. Every morning we would move it from the window to the ledge, etc, and she has found such delight out of it! I’ve already asked for one for my own kitchen… perhaps it will perk up the mundane task of washing dishes.”

4) Following a few simple rules can maximize your benefit when planning for a cruise. Sarah C. asked, and once again, our readers came to the rescue. Pack less than you think you need, don’t plan your own excursions and mind that hand sanitizer are just a few we’re hearing often. What else should Sarah know about going on a cruise?

5) Army/Navy Surplus stores are great sources for fab home finds. Mary’s recent trip spurred an epiphany, and we’re signing on to an exploratory mission. Megan B. says: “I’m making a trip down there stat! I NEED one of those gray blankets w/ the white stripes! So cute!”

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