kelly wearstler’s, uh, interesting style




I delight in Paola of mirrormirror’s unceasing horror over Kelly Wearstler‘s decorating style. It seems the shelter mags love her weird juxtapositions of mid-80s mauves (maybe you had to live during that the first time to truly loathe it now), mismatched patterns, and gold leafed everything. So it was with my own amusement that I noticed Wearstler has her own decor book out now, filled with her signature style. So what do you think: Do you like it? Honestly? Are there parts of it you like? Or are you throwing up your hands in confusion like Paola and me? — Mary T.

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Wow, does this come off as hateful and mean-spirited! I am not a huge fan of Wearstler’s, but I do like some of her stuff and an sort of disappointed in Shelterrific for this. Not every designer speaks to every person, but you may have just alienated those who DO like her style.

Hideous. Every detail.

Sarah L.

not in this lifetime. then again, i’ve never considered myself “impossibly chic.”



oh, really?! i’ll admit sometimes there’s a little more gold in her rooms than i can handle, but i love kelly’s style. she has written a few books, actually…hue is her latest, but my favorite is domicilium decoratus. to me, she has a knack for toeing that elegance/kitsch line more than any other designer i can think of.

(ps…i do have to admit, the images you’ve picked are definitely some of her more, um, eclectic rooms. but she has a good side, i promise!)


Does good style have to be something that appeals to the masses? (Or to bloggers?) I like that she has a distinctive point of view. I find those pictures more interesting and inspiring than the average design fare of monochromatic whites and grays populated with Danish furniture. There’s too much groupthink in what is good and smart in art and design blogland.

Megan B

Jenny, I don’t mind it that much either. And there is really something about those gilded hand chairs that is totally “Out of this World”. She’s definitely different, and though I don’t love everything she puts together, she can find some fun and unique pieces.


I believe she’s actually had *three* design books published. I don’t care for this latest iteration of her style, but she has great flair and a knack for drama. Plus, before this current flirtation with the ’80s, she pretty much singlehandedly brought back the ultra-glam Hollywood Regency style. While I shudder at some of her more recent designs, and I’m beyond over Hollywood Regency at this point, I admire the fact that she’s fearless and that she sets trends rather than follows them. Lots of designers can do “livable” interiors, but she creates spaces that are memorable—for better or for worse.

Mary T.

“The More You Knowww”! Thanks Leah; obviously I’m out of the loop.

I like the yellow branches on the table and I like purple normally but I guess I just can’t deal with all of the gold and off-putting mixture of patterns.

Hypothetical Woman

I love the purple and gold, but really this looks far too cluttered for me – and that’s saying something. Also, if those hand chairs looked comfortable then I might want one, but they don’t and I don’t.


If she wasn’t pretty, she would not have a voice or followers. The Emperor has no clothes. I am a firm believer that any style is valid, so more power to her. I think there is probably a huge market for her style. Every hotel chain in the country once rocked this style.

I just don’t get it. I like bits but the whole picture is just too too much. I believe “throwing up” would be the operative words to describe my reaction and I’m not referring to my hands. I’m not impressed with the fashions I’ve seen her sport on that design reality show she judges. Half the time she looks like she’s homeless with a bird nesting in her hair. Everything is just a lot of too much for me!

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Honey, the Chinese food just arrived. Would you mind clearing off the dining table in the gold room? Thanks.


She’s brilliant!