etsy store worth bookmarking: blue bell bazaar

roulette wheel

Daydreaming is my favorite past time. Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a master daydreamer. Back then, they were mostly about being a professional trapeze artist or having the uncanny ability to talk to a narwhal, but now that I’m older the bulk of my daydreams are about outfitting my fabulous apartments located all over the world. My new favorite place to wish list browse for fantastic (and strangely appealing) home décor is etsy shop blue bell bazaar . With a 7,400 square foot showroom located in Chicago, blue bell bazaar puts the best of the best of their gorgeous stock online for everyone to get a fair shot at. From a 1940s roulette wheel to vintage modern oil paintings to porcelain glove molds, there’s always something new to covet at blue bell bazaar. –Katie D.

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Funny you should say that — I actually made her a favorite shop just over four years ago, after buying something that one of you guys posted about. These little figurines, which are just about the cutest thing ever:

So, four years later, I guess I should say keep up the good work, because I’m still reading!

She was one of my fave Etsy shops. I looked her up the other day and can’t find her. Now it looks like I am going to have to travel all the way to Chicago or what?