graphic (and) novel: fresh ink from cb2


After years of working in bookstores (RIP to my ol’ Borders), I amassed quite the book habit. One genre in particular holds a special place in my bibliophile heart: the graphic novel. I’ve got posters and prints and signed first editions, but now I can take that black and white to places it’s never graced, like the bed, for example, with this Fresh Ink Duvet at CB2. Featuring art by Chicago illustrator Yann Legendre (which took a month to hand render), the image is said to be “a stream of subconsciousness… urban industrial fantasy”. I think I’d have some pretty graphic dreams with these linens — but for those who find the bedding too bold, there’s also a large-scale clock featuring the same comic-inspired design. Do you think it would read well in your home? — Megan B.

here’s a shelf for your comic book collection

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