testing the new furminator for long-haired dogs


A long-haired, giant dog: doesn’t that sound like grooming fun? Well, we have two of them — Fluffy Mastiffs who have long, thick hair and weigh 180 and 140 respectively. For obvious reasons, I was happy to test the new Long Hair Giant Dog deShedding Tool from FURminator. We already had a regular-size FURminator that works pretty great, so it was nice to compare the two. The most obvious difference you can see above: the Giant Dog tool is wider to make the work a bit faster. The second nice bit is that it comes with a push-button so you can quickly drop the hair that builds up in the tines without breaking your stride. Dahlia, pictured above, is a lot less shaggy and a lot more pretty in the “after” photo on our patio (and you can see some of the prize-winning take of hair we pull off her, too). Disclosure: I was sent a FURminator tool to try out for free, but these honestly are my favorite tools. A lot of hair comes off the dogs fast, and I’ve noticed a lot less in the house since they got spruced up four days ago. You can find the right tool for your long-haired pup at the FURminator site, about $40-74. Thanks, FURminator! — Mary T.

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I have one for the cat (15 bucks!) but it’s really awesome. It really gets the fur that a normal brush would miss. Totally worth it.


We use the Furminator on our two hairy Labs. The amount of hair that comes off could supply a wig for a bald dog. Great product.

You can card the prize-winning take of hair then spin it in to yarn and knit yourself a Dahlia-sweater!

my fluffy cat is obsessed with el furminator, but my two short hair kitties are not fans for some reason. nonetheless, it works like a charm. full cat sweaters each time.


The cat Furminator is amazing. I have a Maine Coon mix with loads of fluffy long hair, and the Furminator takes off a ridiculous amount of her loose fur, mostly the undercoat. She likes it, but eventually she gets too excited and starts to bite, so I can only brush her a limited amount at any time. But the Furminator has definitely reduced the amount of hair around the house, and, more importantly, has reduced the frequency of her hairballs. Poor kitty! She is incredibly fluffy and of course tends to hairballs.

Wow the Furminator looks great! I will definitely have to get one.