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Something to add to the new moms’ gift list: An oilcloth placemat from Laura Normandin, as seen at The Purl Bee.

Check out this beautiful DIY table runner constructed of vintage photos at Casa Sugar. Great potential for weddings…

Remember our post about using galvanized metal as a shower surround? Well, someone else loved the idea, and did it in their own bathroom! And thankfully, there’s a step-by-step tutorial too — at Bungalow Bungahigh by way of Apartment Therapy.

Do you have a pasta recipe that would make Mario Batali look like Chef Boyardee? Want to win a $500 Sur la Table gift card? If the answer is yes to both, then enter the Saveur Home Cook Challenge, and you just might win fame and fortune (in cookware).

Two words: beet hummus. Sounds crazy. Crazy Delicious! At Home Biscuit, via Tastespotting.

And if you’re throwing an Oscar party this year, but are still at a loss as to what to serve the guests, Serious Eats has a fun menu influenced by this years nominees.

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