five things we learned last week


1. Kelly Wearstler’s design style may not be for everyone (like Mary T) but lots of you still love her signature looks.

2. CB2 continues to impress us as they employ talented designers around the country. First, they did Etsy finds, and now Chicago artist Yann Legendre who spent a month hand drawing this bedding pattern.

3. As silly as it sounds, the Furminator works! (And not just on dogs.)

4. Homemade granola is not that hard to make. But we’re still not giving up our chocolate Cheerios.

5. Top gift ideas for new moms: Books for library-building, diaper rash cream and offers to clean their houses.

From our partners

When I was pregnant with my twins and confined to bed, a friend came over with bags of groceries and cooked up many soups and stews to put in my freezer. I had dinners in the freezer for nearly two months thanks to her incredible generosity. It was unbelievably wonderful.