clean winter salt stains off your footwear


Winter is annoying. My coats are wrinkly and dirty from wet bus rides, and I’ve lost 3 gloves this season. Not to mention my favorite scarf got stuck in a train seat and now has a nasty snag in it. Hrumph. I feel like I can only take small steps to stay tidy during the season, and just wait for spring to come. Something that makes me feel better is to take a few minutes every weekend to clean the salt off my shoes and boots (it’s geeky, I know). The process couldn’t be easier — mix one part white vinegar and one part water in a small bowl, dip into with a terry cloth rag, buff those pesky salt lines off, and let dry. I’ve done this on leather clogs and shoes, canvas boots, and man-made materials and everything came out clean. Try it for yourself. And think spring! — Rebecca F.

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What a nice reminder for a miserable thing; I typically use a stiff dry brush myself, but your method is probably more thorough.

Also I haven’t been able to wear any shoes except boots for months ( and clogs, ahahhahahah, I laugh at the thought.)