help! my terrarium is dying


Those of you with chronically black thumbs will sympathize with my plight. The rest of you are going to wonder what in the world is wrong with me. A few months ago – right before Christmas, in fact – I heard about a terrarium workshop happening at a beautiful local nursery. While I’ve never once managed to make it past the two month mark with a plant, I decided if ever there was a chance, it was with a plant that only had to be watered once every few months (hurray for succulents!). Plus, I am an utter sucker for those adorably tiny little terrariums – they’re so cheek-squeezably cute, and they look so calming. So, I went to the workshop, I built my lovely little terrarium, and I was so proud.

Fast forward to a few days ago, when I was checking in on my little project, and – predictably – it’s now showing signs of serious discontent. Several of its tiny green leaves have shriveled and turned black, and the rest of them just look sad. Normally, this is where I’d start frantically watering, and the plant would then die of root rot. But instead, readers, I ask you: any tips on saving this little plant from what is an almost certain death if I’m left to my own devices? –Becki S.

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