kinda genius: web eco furnace filter


I hate changing the furnace filter every three months — they are expensive, and they just seem to create so much waste. So when I was visiting my mom last week, I noticed she had a nifty reusable filter for her furnace. She said she’s had it for a year and LOVES it. So I bought one, a WEB Eco Filter Plus, as soon as I got back home. I really like how it can be adjusted to fit any size furnace, as we’ve just bent a too-large filter to fit before. It was really easy to customize, too, taking just over five minutes to cut and snap all the pieces together. The instructions suggest you clean it monthly for best results, and I plan on doing that, by just running it through the tub. For the price of two disposable filters, I’ve got a perfect-sized lifetime model. Score! — Megan B.

From our partners

Hmm, I’m glad to hear your mom has had a good experience with this. I rent a duplex and my landlord requires that I change my filter every month. It gets pretty expensive even though I constantly look for sales and try to stock up when I find one. I had previously looked into reusable filters but the reviews were bad. Maybe I’ll try this one, but one question, does your mom live in an urban (smog-y) environment or own pets? These are my main concerns about the effectiveness of these kinds of filters at removing teeny tiny particulates.

Megan B

Mom has got 3 cats in a very small space — and though, admittedly she’s quite clean, that filter must do a good deal of work. Her place is not dusty at all. She has said that she checks and cleans it monthly, so I’m guessing that helps.

Since I’m currently using it, too, I’ll keep ya posted on results.