living with the new ikea stockholm lamp


For a long time, I’ve wanted two matching floor lamps to flank our living room couch. We’re tight on space, and I wanted to ditch the side table. And we’re low on lighting, so I wanted to be able to read no matter where on the couch I happened to be sitting. I went into IKEA thinking I was going to buy two Kvart lamps: $20 each, a little bit of color. And when I got there, the first thing I saw was the brand-new Stockholm. It was much sturdier than the Kvart. It had a fun, retro beauty-parlor-dryer vibe. It was… $90! After much fretting and second-guessing, we decided to bite the bullet and pay the premium for the lamp we liked better. Now, after after a few weeks, here are the Stockholm pros: Looks great flanking our couch. Angled design lets us scoot the base under the couch, so the lamps take up even less space. Feels super sturdy. Comes with an led light we’ll never have to replace (we hope — the lamp is designed in a way that taking off the light cover looks next to impossible). Ah, but there is a con: That led is big-box-store-dressing-room-lighting harsh. The first time we switched them on, all we could think was, “Wow. Our couch looks like crap.” We’ve kind of adjusted to it — and I confess we’ve started cleaning the couch leather more regularly — but we are actually considering fitting some kind of gel over each lamp to diffuse the light a bit. For reading, it’s great. For ambient light, not so much. — Mary T.

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Does yours flicker after it’s been on for about 15 minutes? I’ve had two now and they both do it — wonder if my local store just has a bad batch. The display units seemed fine. Otherwise, I love the lamp!