trying my hand at martha’s petit collage

owl & pussycat
I’ve mentioned before the cavalcade of expectant mothers that have been parading through my life lately — but one in particular I am really excited about. For her shower a few weeks ago, I had fun finding some adorable stuff (some Hanna Andersson onesies and coordinating Baby Legs, to name a few), but I felt a handmade gift would mean so much more to the mom-to be. I remembered the super-adorable Petit Collage pieces a friend made for a new arrival in her world, using templates and instructions from The Martha Stewart Show. Being a huge decoupager in the past, this craft was right up my alley.

I loved Martha’s owl pattern, though the flowers the owl sit on are a bit girly, and since they are only 80% sure of a girl, I decided to change the owl up by adding a tree branch and crescent moon. But the elephant, though darling, just wasn’t my taste, at all. I had to free-form the second collage completely, and without hesitation, my mind went to a cat.


I sketched up a few shapes on my computer’s drawing software and used them as cutting templates, and then placed them on an 8×8 birch board to make sure it looked ok. I cut out my pieces using a combination of handmade papers, bleeding tissue paper, and even old takeout menus and got ready to decoupage.


The cat really needed to be sitting on something, so I decided to construct a fence out of strips of different papers — this was possibly my favorite part of the whole piece — the color combination makes me really happy. A little more Mod Podge and I was done! Two pieces of art done in about two hours, more or less, and they’d be something I’d love to hang up in my home. In fact, I just may end up making more! — Megan B.

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Sarah L.

love it!

Mary T.

Megan, those are adorable!!! Love your cat! It almost looks like a magical cat/owl hybrid, hee.