when a clogged drain comes along, you must zip-it


Now Zip-it! Zip-it good! Sorry — as a big DEVO fan, I had to. But seriously, can we talk about how brilliant the Zip-it is? As someone who seems to shed her abundant long hair as much as our long-haired cat does, our drains slow down often, even with mesh traps and lots of careful cleaning. I’d even taken to unfurling a wire hanger and using it to fish out the nasty stuff that gets down in our shower drain. It took a while, and it seemed to only KINDA make it better. So when I spotted the Zip-it at my local Home Depot for about $3, I figured I’d give it a test run on our sluggish shower drain. Lo and behold, one rip of the Zip-it, and the scariest, grossest tangle of hair goo came up with it, and my drains have been clear ever since. Heck of a lot better than caustic chemicals! And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the many photo testimonials on the site (for those blessed with a strong stomach). Find them at your local hardware store, or online, at Amazon. — Megan B.

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FWIW, it only works if your drain goes straight down. If yours, like mine, only goes down a couple inches and makes a 90 degree turn, it won’t work. My plumber can’t even snake my drain. :-(

I totally appreciate your Devo reference but I really appreciate you sharing this product! I just told my son this morning that I was going to have to shave my head because my hair was everywhere, including the drains. I can’t wait to try this.


This is an awesome product. I’ve had mine for 5 years, and I can use mine in my curved drains, no problem. I bought this when my old drain in my old house completely disintigrated due to many decades of drain cleaner eating through the pipes.


Love the Devo reference. I will be singing that all day. Thank you very much.

Anyway, I love the ZipIt. It was an impulse purchase only because I was tired of putting chemicals down my drain. I figured for three bucks how wrong could I go. Now my two Rapunzels in training can brush and dry their long hair over the sink without me yelling for them to put a towel in it.

okay, i need more info…how, exactly does this crazy thing work? i’m desperate for a drain solution!

btw, your DeVo reference has me humming what could easily be an informercial for this thing. you should totally write to them and suggest it.

Megan B

@ Becki: you push the zip-it down your clogged drain (it WILL flex — my bath drain is curved and it worked fine), and just pull it out. The little plastic barbs catch the hair and goo and pull it out with it. It’s gross and OH SO SATSIFYING.

Kate S.

Note that, though the packaging says ‘Disposable’, we have used ours several times — just pull off the clog, rinse off and store for next use!


I’ve had mine for a few years. I have a love / hate relationship with the zip-it. I love that it works so well but I hate all the goopity glocky goop it pulls up.

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Mary T.

Ha, ha, ha — now zip it! Into shape!

Jeanne, can you imagine being a plumber? I know I can’t. Bless ’em.

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So I had a slow sink drain in my bathroom. I don’t mind the chemicals if they work (but I don’t love the idea either). I tried extra-heavy-duty multi-purpose foaming gel drain cleaner on and it did NOTHING. As a virtually bald single male, I didn’t think hair in the sink was the problem, (it’s a 50-year-old rental house, so who knows what is in the pipes…) but I was willing to try anything. I had a friend pick up a Zip-it and couldn’t wait to try it out. First swipe brought up some gunk and got things moving…but not to my satisfaction. Several more uses actually ended up clogging the sink! But I got the plunger out, and after some diligent plunging…during which lots of nastiness was ejected through the overflow drain…it finally emptied out and is working like new. Thanks for the recommendation.

Adding my accolades for the Zip it! I finally threw mine out when it got a little too bent up. I regretted this, though, because when I went to target, they only had that TV Infomercial thing…something like “snake” with a brush on some flexible wire. Yeah, that was $10 and is crap. It did about 20% as well as the Zip it! The Zip it has worked for me better than even the nasty chemicals. (And I swear I don’t work for them…though, if they’re hiring…)

Aly in Boston

I love this thing. I’ve had it for over 5 years and it still works wonderfully! It clears out the most disgusting things you can imagine which is a great motivator to keep my sink clean. Also, I find it does work on curved pipes just fine as it’s quite flexible but probably not as great as with straight ones.


I bought mine years ago after a spangly cat toy went down the drain, after a raucous game of bathtub soccer. I’ve also found it to be incredibly useful for unclogging my vacuum cleaner.


had mine for a few years & it works wonderfully. big bang for little bucks.


I have long hair too and what I do, is put the hair that sheds in my hand against a shower tile. Since the hair is wet, it will stay nicely against that porcelain tile. Then after your shower, just collect the hair from the square tile and throw it in the garbage. Will save you from having to clean the drain as often.