when a clogged drain comes along, you must zip-it


Now Zip-it! Zip-it good! Sorry — as a big DEVO fan, I had to. But seriously, can we talk about how brilliant the Zip-it is? As someone who seems to shed her abundant long hair as much as our long-haired cat does, our drains slow down often, even with mesh traps and lots of careful cleaning. I’d even taken to unfurling a wire hanger and using it to fish out the nasty stuff that gets down in our shower drain. It took a while, and it seemed to only KINDA make it better. So when I spotted the Zip-it at my local Home Depot for about $3, I figured I’d give it a test run on our sluggish shower drain. Lo and behold, one rip of the Zip-it, and the scariest, grossest tangle of hair goo came up with it, and my drains have been clear ever since. Heck of a lot better than caustic chemicals! And if you don’t believe me, take a look at the many photo testimonials on the site (for those blessed with a strong stomach). Find them at your local hardware store, or online, at Amazon. — Megan B.

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