outdoor organizing: decluttering the yard stash

yard stash

After reading reviews for RubberMaid storage sheds for the kids’ bikes, I’m on the hunt for something that doesn’t leak. Enter the YardStash. At 78” long, 32” deep and 62” high, it should be able to fit two bikes and scooters easily. And at $99 (plus $19.95 shipping), it’s less than half the price of the hardware store option. While I certainly have bad memories of leaking tents from camping trips, in theory, it seems like this could work. My husband, however, is convinced it’ll end up in Kansas. Anyone tried it? Got a better idea? — Sarah L.

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My neighbor has one of these for his kids’ bikes and toys and he’s been psyched about the solution. He fastened the unit to a wooden wall and hasn’t had any issues with leaking or instability. I’m going to pick one up for spring & summer use. The price is right.

Mary T.

Well…I can’t love it because it just looks like an army tent to me. Which I don’t necessarily want to see in my yard all the time. We’re on a hill that gets really windy, so I don’t think this would work for us. I’m off the “build your own small cool shed that matches your house” mind, personally. But I don’t have two kids and bikes…

Kansas? Naw, stuff from Texas and Oklahoma ends up in Kansas in summer. Nebraska or Iowa, in winter. We don’t get much wind out of the east.

Trust me, we know our wind here.


I don’t care for it. I think I’d see it and be like, “Why did those people leave that tent up in their yard?”

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Sarah L.

karen, your comment made my day : )