old-fashioned favorites: hellebores


Right on schedule, my hellebores — also called Lenten roses — are blooming. It’s taken three years for them to establish themselves, but I’m finally being rewarded with dinner-plate sized clumps of semi-evergreen leaves and flowers ranging from a deep plum to a chartreuse. The blooms will last for well over a month if not trampled by kids or dog. They’re ideal for shady spots and are pretty tolerant of poor soil. If you have a little patience, now’s the perfect planting time. If you live in Zone 4 or lower, check the hardiness of individual varieties. — Sarah L.

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Megan B

You had me at chartreuse… and shade-loving. I need to get my butt outside and plant some Hellebores!

Sarah L.

Megan, check out lungwort, too! Ugly name, awesome plant. Blooms about a month after the hellebores. Here anyway.

Those hellebores were like flowers of orchids. Nice shots of those pictures. Are these flowers live at spring season? I love to have one of those.

Sarah L.

solar, most larger nurseries should have them in stock now. if not, you can order bareroots in the fall and plant then.