snark at the office: love it or leave it?

wtf stamp

For the most part, my office aesthetic can be described as classic, clean and organized. I’m in the planning stages (just dreaming, really) of an everything-in-its-place, comprehensive desk makeover, but that didn’t stop me from laughing out loud when I spotted this little sticky note in a coworker’s office. Classic and clean? Not really. But I can appreciate a well-designed detail any day. I guess this is where my minimalist style hangs a sharp left into Snarktown, but I just love accessories that coax out a smile. Another favorite is Knock Knock’s self-inking WTF stamp, $10. Surely this won’t get as much legitimate air time as my beloved Dozi paperclip holder, but it definitely provides momentary solace from those manic Monday mornings. Where do you stand, readers? Does snark have a place in your office? –Sarah C.

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snark! i’m ok with it, but it’s definitely not always office-appropriate. i have these
that i use sparingly to get my point across. sometimes a little humor is all you need!

Megan B

I don’t work in an office, but my workplace could use a little less snark, to be honest. Everytime a memo from management is posted, without fail, there’s something sarcastic or nasty scribbled on there by a co-worker. It used to be funny, but it gets old after a while.

But that stamp is hilarious!

Snark is my middle name babeeee! It has a big place, what’s life without a little chuckle? I’ll probably get this as one of the hub’s bday gifts :) He’ll love it cuz he’s a little snarky too.


I think it is risky. People are very sensitive at work and wanted to be taken seriously. Snark might be misconstrued as unwarranted criticism and would create a bad vibe to ensue. Keep the snark checked at the front door when you enter the workplace.

I received the WTF stamp as my gift in the office secret santa swap last Christmas. It’s hilarious, and the person who gave it to me knows me well… but I don’t actually use it on work things. It’s a great conversation piece on my desk, though!