kinda genius: tocky alarm clock


I’ve mentioned before my quest for the perfect alarm clock, but alas, the seplace continues… I’m currently coveting the tiny Tocky alarm clock, $69 by Nanda home. Tocky is the snooze abuser’s tough love: taking off from the nightstand and rolling around the room, forcing you to turn it off. I’ve tried my share of annoying alarm clocks before, but Tocky’s just as adorable as irksome — and can record voice and mp3’s to aid in the rising and the shining. And as someone who is not so gifted in this department, I’m thinking this just may stop my oversleeping. Or at least save my husband from my endless snoozing! Check out videos from ThinkGeek of Tocky in action to fully grasp the awesomeness. And good luck finding one in any other shade except black (though you can buy a two pack of skins in different colors for $10) — it seems they’re backordered almost everywhere until at least April. — Megan B.

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Hi Megan!
Thanks so much for the shout out on Tocky. We’re so glad you like him! We’re backordered on black, as you saw online and everything will be back in stock late April so keep checking! Thanks again!
Sales Director
Nanda Home