pie or cake? try pie IN cake


The debate ends here, folks, with Bake It in a Cake. I stopped by Seattle’s Cakespy Shop this week to test the unique Bake It in a Cake baked goods, and I waddled away a satisfied woman. Bake It in a Cake is the braindhild of Megan Seling, pictured above, who decided one day to bake some Cadbury chocolate eggs into cupcakes. That led to many more concoctions. The ones I tried at Cakespy included a chocolate cupcake baked around a mini cherry pie and a lemon bar baked in a vanilla cupcake with lemon-raspberry frosting. There were also cupcakes with banana cream pie, Girl Scout Thin Mint cupcakes, the original Cadbury egg cupcakes, and even a cheescake with French toast included! The verdict? I liked the lemon bar cupcake best — the cake-and-pie-ness of it went together splendidly. My friend Bay preferred the cherry pie cupcake. And you couldn’t hear anyone else’s opinion over the sound of gorging.


Megan bakes all the mini inserts (the ones that need baking, anyway) first, then bakes them again inside the cakes. She also said that so far her most disappointing failure has been trying to bake a Starburst in a cake — she just can’t make it work. Go visit Bake It in a Cake and take a gander at her recipes, and maybe try one or two yourself. Just be warned: for every one Bake It in a Cake dessert, you’ll feel like you’ve eaten two! Not that I’m complaining. — Mary T.


P.S. If you just want to make something delicious and gorgeous, how wonderful are these rainy day cupcakes?!

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