before and after: a new tv stand!


My husband and I have this rule: no more IKEA furniture. We are adults now; and are tired of bickering while wrestling a gigantic flat-pack MDF monster and attempting to decipher the modern hieroglyphic instructions. We’ve had enough of it already. I’ll admit, though, to always having a soft spot for the Expedit series — the design is just so smart and simple. When we finally stepped into the 21st century and upgraded to a flat-screen TV, we quickly realized the old IKEA bookshelf we were using was not right for our living room. We needed more storage space, something that would brighten up our room and wouldn’t break the bank. I scoured Craigslist and looked at some of my favorite local vintage shops, but just couldn’t find the right piece for our large space & tiny budget. That is, until my husband surprised me with a radical, and perfect solution…
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He was so excited to tell me about the TV stand, in spite of its taboo origin, IKEA, that he called me about it on the way home from work. “Hey. Have you seen the new Expedit TV stand?”. “Yeah”, I replied, “and I like it.” The price and dimensions were right, and though it was ALMOST too large to fit in our stalwart Scion xB, we got it home and assembled without any domestic disputes. I really love how it looks in the space — all we need now are the paintings (this one and this one) we’ve been coveting and this wall is done! At least for a little while. — Megan B.

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Now that I am back in the States and have been reminded about how RIDICULOUSLY priced Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, etc, are, I don’t think my love for IKEA will ever grow old.

Ooh, I’ve been eyeing this one for a while now. I really might have to trust in IKEA’s lenient return policy and give it a shot…


It is funny how subjective taste is, Expedit is one of the pieces I like least at IKEA.

Sarah L.

so much brighter! i love the pop of turquoise against the white and yellow.

Megan B

Thanks, Sarah! We’ve had that lamp sitting in the corner on the ground for 3 years, and finally just hung it. And, if you could pan out in the photo, you’d see our curtains are fixed, with the rods right below the crown molding. Maybe I should post a photo to the Facebook page!

Mary T.

Megan, looks great!!

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This is quite the improvement! I like how tall it is. It’s like a “wall” for your television and movies!