when a neatness trick backfires…


I had a moment of clarity yesterday that struck me as sort of funny. For the past few years I’ve been covering the drip pans underneath my stove burners with aluminum foil so, when liquid boils over or drips from a spoon, it lands on the foil and the burnt mess easy to clean up. What I discovered, though, is that because I know in my head I can just recycle the foil later, I’m less likely to thoroughly clean up the drips after they happen. I just wait until the foil is sufficiently dirty, take it off and put new foil on. Uh, that’s just laziness! It’s not like my burner pans are not doing the job… I just don’t want to clean them! It’s time to stop that nonsense and do a better job picking up after myself. Funny that in my effort to reduce cleaning effort, I just got lazy! Do you have neatness tips that have backfired on you too? — Rebecca F.

Photo credit: Rebecca Firlik

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Little tip I discovered when cleaning a rental before I moved out. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers will clean almost anything off of those drip pans. Seriously. Burned on stuff from 5 years before is no problem.


Nah, I’m just not very neat. I do clean the top of the stove all the time though–it’s my first new stove ever, and I want it to stay nice. I clean it every day, or more than once a day if it’s in heavy use.