best time to make purchases


Ever wonder when the best time is to make household purchases? From groceries to gas grills, turns out there is a right time. Although some purchases can’t be planned (I’m looking at you, hot water heater), waiting can pay off. — Sarah L.

Groceries: Sunday evenings
TVs: after the Super Bowl through March
Appliances: holiday weekends
Grills: September and October
Carpeting and flooring: December
Trees, shrubs: September and October
Furniture: Holiday weekends
Chairs: May and June
Mattress, box springs: May through September

Image credit: Crate and Barrel

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Don’t forget…the best time to buy computers is in late summer, with back-to-school sales! There are tons of markdowns, and companies like Apple almost always throw in a special deal, like getting a free iTouch or printer with the purchase of a computer.


I find that the best time to go grocery shopping is ~8am on Saturday. The store is just stocking for the weekend, it’s empty, and you can cruise the aisles with a coffee.


I don’t know about anyone else but it seems like I am always buying new mats for the floor both at home and at work.