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rockreach house deck

Rent the Rock Reach House in Joshua Tree, featured in the most recent CB2 catalog. We’re intrigued by the decking material (pictured above) — gotta figure out what it is! At CasaSugar.

OhJoy! is showing off the wares from Wolfrum: napkins and coasters in fabulous mix-and-matchable patterns.

A great weekend DIY: make your own faux zinc letters, over at Curbly.

We want to go to there — there being Tulum, Mexico, where these photos at the Selby have us dreaming of haute cuisine, open air markets, and warm sunshine on our skin. Sigh.

We LOVE our greens here at Shelterrific. Here’s another way to eat them from Simply Recipes: Swiss chard with olives. Yum.

ShelterPop has some great tips for easy revamping of small bathrooms — even some ideas that would work for renters, too!

If you haven’t seen it yet (it’s been making its way around the blogosphere), a very cool video of Vitra assembling an Eames lounger, via Juxtapoz.

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meredith k

the decking materials looks like it is made of anti-slip stair treads made of galvanized steel.

What amazing timing – you posted the small bathroom fixes just as I’m thinking of doing up my own bathroom! God only knows it needs it – cracked olive-green bath, peeling grout and not only that, somebody *painted* the tiles. Blech.

Megan B

Meredith- thanks! It looks like those are the “open grip” stair treads. Now I want to redo my deck! I think it would be VERY EXPENSIVE. Each tread is like $50. Ouch. Maybe something else…

@ Hypothetical: we’re working on something too… don’t feel too bad. Our bathroom is HIDEOUS. Four words: Sheet Vinyl Shower Surround. Really. We’ve gotta work with what we’ve got, sometimes.

Mary T

That decking reminds me of those newfangled bridges at some National Parks that my dog is afraid to walk over! :)