remove stains from antique linen with denture tablets


I was recently gifted the gorgeous Irish linen tablecloth that my great-great grandmother hand stitched. It’s flawless — no stains, no tears, no fraying in any bit of the meticulous handiwork. Though honored with the heirloom, I was hesitant to accept it, especially after my mom’s conditions for possession: I had to use it. I was dizzy envisioning the inevitable accidental splash of a latte or merlot, until my mom shared her secret for removing stains out of delicate vintage linens: denture tablets. Simply dissolve 5-10 tablets (depending on the size of the item) in a warm bath and soak your delicate fabrics until they are white and stain free. Rinse gently, air dry, and press, and it should be as good as new! It should be noted that this only works on white fabrics, please don’t try this with colors! I’m proud to report I’m enjoying the tablecloth and won’t let any fear of stains keep it hidden away anymore! — Megan B.

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I think I remember that table clothe. Give your mom a hug for me next time you see her.

I have a vintage doily that is in desperate need of cleaning, so I will definitely try this!

Megan B

Actually, mom said ecru is safe, too, just be careful and dissolve the tablets fully before adding your items. And a bucket with two or three tabs works great for a small item.

Merrilee Trost

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