five things we learned last week

five things kletia2

1) Creamy vegetable pasta dishes always have fans. Megan B. shared this one from one of her favorite cookbooks and it is no exception. Mary-Grace says: “Mmmmmm that sounds really good. And ditto ellobie … pasta + mushrooms + cream = I will probably love it.” Commenter Jake C. substituted bacon and Greek yogurt for his pregnant wife with great results!

2) Spotless bedrooms are an elusive dream for many of us, but we do feel great on those good days! Jilliana says: “My bedroom looks like a bit of a war zone lately, mostly due to laundry I can never seem to get from the dryer to my closet. I almost never “make my bed” per say, but I do make a point of straightening out my tangle of blankets every day, if only so I can slip more easily into bed. Even that little bit of effort seems to make a difference in how I view my bedroom.” Do you reap the benefits of a clean bedroom?

3) Our dessert dream has become a reality thanks to Bake It in a Cake. Think of your favorite desert. Now put it in a cupcake. Yes, we’re obsessed too. Anna says: “That looks terrific-ly delicious and absurd all at once. Fantastic! I may just have to try them at home.”

4) Our readers have impeccable taste…buds. Give Shelterrific readers a whiff of a bake-off and they’ll counter tenfold with incredible recipes. Mark Bittman’s brownies. Martha Stewart’s chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies. Mini cupcakes made with marscapone cheese? Check out the comments for more ideas than you could bake in a week!

5) Denture cleaner removes stains from antique linens. It’s not just for dentures anymore! Alyson says: “I have a vintage doily that is in desperate need of cleaning, so I will definitely try this!”

Image courtesy of Kletia Garies

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