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I’ve become the person that never makes it to the flea market on time. The result? I see a lot of good stuff walking out. This year, I resolve to make it to at least one flea market with the early birds in the hopes of scoring a deal on a McCoy vase. While I like the simplicity of the deep green glaze, there’s something kitschy and exuberant about the bird and animal vases that makes my heart go pitter-pat. You can see a gallery of McCoy pottery, along with a history of the family-owned Ohio company, here. — Sarah L.

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Be warned, there are A LOT of fakes out there. Read up on how to spot a fake, because the real McCoy doesn’t always say “McCoy”, and some that do aren’t.


Oh, and I have that 2nd one in yellow :-)

I’ve ran into a couple of these at auctions, but never been fortunate enough to find one at the thrift store, although I have found some other goodies that I couldn’t believe people would toss out.

Check out our Wildflower vase seen here http://www.etsy.com/listing/66694935/vintage-1940s-hull-pottery-wildflower

I didn’t realize fakes were such a big problem with these, I’ve been hunting for planters on Etsy and a LOT of these come up.


Oi. Early bird at the flea market was a large chunk of my childhood. As was spotting reproductions and replicas. I knew far more about McCoy and other big name ceramics than any 8 year old should have. Probably why I have absolutely no interest in it now, which drives my mom crazy.

I have a whole collection of the matte cream glaze pieces from McCoy, Hull, etc that I’d like to sell. If anyone is interested I’ll cut a heckuva deal for all of it. I’m going all 60’s and as much as I love them… they just don’t fit anymore.

Oh, the swan is pretty – it’s much nicer than the swan vase I had on my dresser as a kid. THAT certainly wasn’t a McCoy vase! I get a lot of nice ceramics at my local flea market but I’m more for coloured glass and Cornishware.

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I would be interested in the pottery you mentioned above if you are astill looking for a buyer. Please let me know.


I have the swan vase in the green glaze in great shape i would like to sale make an offer