five things we learned last week


1) The keys to snagging that next McCoy vase? Get to the flea market early and learn to spot a fake. Js says: “Be warned, there are A LOT of fakes out there. Read up on how to spot a fake, because the real McCoy doesn’t always say “McCoy”, and some that do aren’t.”

2) It’s time to invent a square lip balm. The round tubes keep falling off our night tables. Susan says: “I just had to tell you all I laughed out loud about the lip balm rolling off the nightstand. Happens all the time to me…does anyone make a square tube?” What’s on your bedside table?

3) Beautiful tile adds a personalized touch to any renovation, and Motawi Tile has our number. Hypothetical Woman says: “Beautiful tile – I looked all through the Motawi store and unfortunately couldn’t find that one. Pity, it would look lovely in my new bathroom makeover! This is the first time I have an opportunity to do over a bathroom of my own and I’d love to get at least one handmade tile to properly print my personality onto it.”

4) Adding some minor embellishments to your morning coffee can make the day even better. Once again, chocolate is a universal cure. Linda says: “I (sometimes) add a teaspoon of cocoa to the cup before pouring my morning coffee. Mmmmm.” How do you improve your morning coffee?

5) The Rub Away Bar banishes smells, but any stainless steel object will do. Tracylee says: “According to my grandmother, all you really need to do is rub your hands on the sink faucet – works like a charm! (that may have been a Heloise hint, now that I think about it, I’m not sure where she picked it up years and years ago).”

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Hurraw lip balm is on my list to try – it uses a non-rolly oval tube, as well as being organic & all natural: