hopping on the bar cart craze


Have you hopped on the bar cart craze yet? It seems in every magazine I read — whether digital or printed — there’s at least one. A seplace for “bar cart” or “serving cart” on eBay returned the usual multitude of results. While Etsy returned considerably fewer vintage options, the difference in style and price of the $75 garden cart and $750 mid-century cart are a good showcase for the options you’ll find. Me? I like the idea of a bar cart but am afraid all those glass bottles are inviting disaster. — Sarah L.

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When I moved into my current apartment 2 years ago, I made myself one of these (though it’s less mobile) by simply buying one of those old LP media cases with the glass front doors. A few under-shelf wine glass holders laters, voila! – and really, it would function great as a bar even without those.

I’m teetotal but I would like that second one as a tea trolley – it would be worth buying a special tea set just to display on it!


I have a “bar tray” on the side of my table (I have a small appartement so my table is in my living room/dining room) and I love it! It looks great and gives me extra cupboard room.

mine makes me feel a bit Esquire ’56, or Philly ’76, depending on how you look at it


Sarah L.

Jacque, that is awesome! Thanks for sharing your find.