organizing keepsakes with the allstate app

allstate app

Years ago I started using the Real Simple Keepsakes list. Operative word: started. While a great idea, I just found the longhand process daunting and without being able to pair it with photos, less than ideal. Hoping that Real Simple had turned their list into an app, I checked the App Store. No such luck. What I did stumble across was the Allstate Digital Locker. While it only had three stars, it was free (bonus) and there were enough four and five star reviews to make me decide to give it a go. A week later, I have most of my keepsakes list transferred to the iPhone and paired up with photos. And thanks to the comment field, next time I’m with my Mom and mother-in-law, I can get their help in more accurately describing some of the family items they’ve given to me over the years. The app is also available for other mobile devices and once completed, can be e-mailed so you can print or store a copy. The only bummer? Thumbnails won’t be part of the e-mail. — Sarah L.

In the picture: A turned-wood pencil holder that belonged to my great-grandfather.

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great find, just downloaded. and I love your pencil holder.


As far as the true intent of the Allstate app (inventory of expensive stuff in your home), my method is quick/dirty/easy.

I walk around my house with a digital video camera, pausing for a few seconds on identifiable bits of each item over, say, $50. I focus on model numbers for appliances & electronics, details on furniture where I won’t settle for a cheap replacement, and walk from room to room accumulating minimal sufficient details on everything I own. Then, at the end, I walk up close to a mirror to inventory the camera I’m filming with.

When I’m done, I upload the video to YouTube and mark it ‘private’. If I ever get robbed (knock wood knock wood), I just have to do a frame grab on the video for each of the items that need replacing and I’m good to go with the insurance company.

Sarah L.

Ellie, thanks : ) That horse has made every move in my purse so I know he makes it safe. Played around with the app some more and for paintings or china, you can add more than one photo (like a signature or maker’s mark). Intended for serial numbers, I’m sure, but makes it easier to get everything gathered up on a keepsake.