new twist on lawn chair webbing: leather belts


I’ve re-webbed patio chairs and I’ve written about chairs woven with belts, but this is the first I’ve seen leather belts used to web patio chairs. Lori Wyant has the how-to at Green Is Universal. I confess I’m slightly on the fence about the finished project, but I think it could be a lot of fun to seplace out funky belts at thrift stores. Just be sure they’re long enough to use as webbing! And if you need a little more instruction, revisit our chair webbing how-to. — Mary T.


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I’m not sure I like it – but it does give me ideas about dressing up a lawn chair with other things – ribbon, strips of fabric, old seat belt, maybe other kinds of belt… hmm, upcycled possibilities…

Kind of a love the idea, hate the look thing for me…

What a fabulous way to refurbish an old lawn chair, especially if you are going for an eclectic look. Not sure if I like the aluminium, but a little spray paint could clean them up!

What an amazing idea! It could be even funkier if you useda blend of fabric and leather belts, and varied the colors and thicknesses of them.

Mary T.

I love the aluminum personally. I wonder how it would look with those grosgrain ribbon belts that were so popular in my teen years??

Thanks for the mention! (I’m just a lil’ late eh?) I loved this particular chair, which is now in the offices of Green is Universal NYC after they purchased it from me for their NBC store window display on art and recycling. I’ve since made a tomato red ladder back chair with colorful Guatemalan belts and am currently working on an old rocking chair with distressed leather and western belts. They’re remarkably comfortable and the leather ‘patinas’ nicely with wear. I LOVE recycling, upcycling, and my newest addiction, precycling! And I LOVE your website! Thanks again!!!! Lori Wyant aka kikithespunkymunky