so excited for calypso for target





There’s something about Calypso St. Barth stores that instantly put me in a good mood. My favorite is tucked away in Nolita, on Mott Street. Anytime you walk in you are treated to a sensory vacation: flowery scents, exotic textiles, with aqua and fuchsia reigning supreme all year round.

Now that Caribbean couture is coming to local Target stores — I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a designer line since last year’s Liberty of London collection! There are tunics and raffia bags, jeweled thongs and tie-dyed rompers for little ones. And, of course, there will also be some lovely home accessories, which will give your pad a pool-side resort vibe even if you’re stuck in a concrete metropolis.

Some of the things we have our eyes on: Elephant teapot, $13. Turquoise serving bowl, $13. Toss pillows, $25. Silver poof $60. Available May 1st at Target. – Angela M.

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Megan B

That pouf (poof)!! WANT. Gawd I love Target.

That’s the third time I’ve seen the elephant teapot featured in a magazine or a blog in the last week. I must have it!

I love the teapot, it’s so sweet! I really like the pouffe as well – it doesn’t go with any room in my house, but I like it anyway!

Ohhh, I can’t WAIT for that silver pouf!!


I’m excited about the Calypso collection, but I think the elephant teapot at Pier 1 is nicer

ooh, me too…can’t wait for this one! i totally want the silver pouf, but i have a feeling my husband is going to nix it. sigh…


My local Target had the baby/toddler Calypso clothes out today. I have to say I wasn’t that impressed, and I like Calypso. There was one really pretty white eyelet sundress, but I just bought my daughter a white sundress from Gymboree, so I didn’t get it. The patterns on most of the other clothes were too adult for toddlers, in my opinion. There was one brown dress with green embroidery that was nice, except I hate brown on little girls and babies. And there was a blue dress that I thought about getting, until I realized it was supposed to be a maxi-dress. Who thinks that’s a good idea for a toddler? Does Target want baby girls to trip and hurt themselves?

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