ebay find: mad men cookie jar

mad men

Just spotted on top of Salvatore’s fridge — the cookie cookie jar. Yes, I’m that far behind on watching “Mad Men.” But it’s good to see the same cookie jar that I grew up with back on t.v. again. (The first time I saw it on t.v. was circa 1989 on “The Wonder Years.”) Made by Los Angeles Potteries and sporting a walnut-shaped porcelain handle, the cookies cookie jar dates to 1955. On eBay for $149.99 or make an offer. Smug advertising guy not included. — Sarah L.

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Aly in Boston

I grew up with this same cookie jar but in mustard yellow. Through my teen years I told my folks that when I moved out, the cookie jar would be coming with me. One sad day, a shelf that it was on collapsed and it shattered. I was so disappointed. Some years later after I had moved, I walked into a vintage shop hoping to find it but knowing it was unlikely… I stepped inside the door, turned my head and just like in the movies, my eyes landed directly on it! I did a double take and my focused zoomed in like a close up shot. It was so dramatic and hilarious. Not only was it the same kind of cookie jar, it was the mustard yellow!! It now happily sits in a very secure space in my kitchen.

I can’t believe it’s going for $150!!!

Beth Ellen

We had exactly the same one–wish I still had it!

It’s really funny the kind of things you can find on eBay. This jar really looks familiar for some reason. Things tend to become more valuable with age, I sold a super nintendo not so long ago for over £120 (that’s about $180-200 I think!) – Not bad considering it only cost me around £35 when I first bought it!

Sarah L.

Aly, I am still waiting to have your luck. I didn’t know there were color options. Maybe that will increase my odds of getting a steal : )