five things we learned last week

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1) Everyone loves a good spork joke. Sapling Press stole our hearts this week with these snarky prints. Tula says: “Major, major cuteness. Love.”

2) Baking a winning scone is easier than you think. Becki shared her go-to recipe and reader Beth Ellen shared hers in comments!

3) We have royal décor fever. This wallpaper takes the cake. Cat Sitter in the City says: “I love the wallpaper in the second photo. If I had a room in my house just for my cat, who is a little princess, I’d definitely use that wallpaper.”

4) Along with the producers of Mad Men, we share a sentimental connection to this cookie jar. Seems like we all have fond memories of it! Aly in Boston says: “I grew up with this same cookie jar but in mustard yellow. Through my teen years I told my folks that when I moved out, the cookie jar would be coming with me. One sad day, a shelf that it was on collapsed and it shattered. I was so disappointed. Some years later after I had moved, I walked into a vintage shop hoping to find it but knowing it was unlikely… I stepped inside the door, turned my head and just like in the movies, my eyes landed directly on it! I did a double take and my focused zoomed in like a close up shot. It was so dramatic and hilarious. Not only was it the same kind of cookie jar, it was the mustard yellow!! It now happily sits in a very secure space in my kitchen. I can’t believe it’s going for $150!!!”

5) Calypso St. Barth for Target launches May 1. We’re counting the minutes. Jennifer says: “That’s the third time I’ve seen the elephant teapot featured in a magazine or a blog in the last week. I must have it!”

photo by Kletia Garies

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