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As I’ve been preparing for this year’s run of the summer wedding gauntlet, I’ve noticed a pattern: Crate & Barrel’s cold beverage jar with stand, $49.95, has been on every single registry I’ve looked at. I love everything beverage dispensers stand for: summer parties, cocktails, refreshing drinks! But never have I actually attended an event where I’ve seen one in action. Yes, considering the trend the reason could lie in the fact that the friends that would have the type of soiree that calls for one haven’t received them yet, but still, this item seems to be a popular one for these summer registries. It also calls to mind Anthropologie’s designer version, $298, but with its equally Anthropologie price tag, my summer drink serving needs are best left to the registry specialists at Crate & Barrel. What do you think, readers? Any other hot registry items to keep on the radar? Did you ask for a beverage dispenser, and if so, do you use it? — Sarah C.

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I haven’t seen any in wedding registries yet, but I have definitely seen beverage dispensers in action. It seemed like the trend started sometime last year, when several of my friends in Los Angeles featured a dispenser at their parties. The trend has been to fill them with spa-like ingredients. Water, lemon slices, cucumber, mint…

Oddly enough, these were used inside and at all times of year. They were so cute that we caved and bought one, too – ours is from Bed Bath & Beyond. (

They look stylish and make you thirsty especially in summer…But if you are as clusmy as I am…Be careful, you might end up breaking it sooner or later…:)


I went to a baby shower a few months ago, and the punch was in one of these beverage jars. This particular jar didn’t hold as much as I’d think I’d want for a party, but more importantly, it’s impossible to dispense any drink below spout level. Oh sure, we were resourceful, and with two or three ladies tilting the jar and another pushing the spout, we got some of it out, but a pretty pitcher or two would have done the same job without waste. And pitchers are cheaper!

Mike Johnson

Oh jeez. On Easter, we went to a party that had one filled with pink lemonade, and it was dispensing very, very slowly. So I helped my son with it — it was a goofy little thing you had to unscrew to make it flow. And I guess I unscrewed it a little too far, and the thing shot out and pink lemonade spurted all over me (in my Easter finery) and I had to plug up two holes like some Dutch kid while eight year olds hunted for the little thingie that unscrewed from the valve. Then they had to go up to the house and wash it off, and I had to unplug the spurty holes and try to get it screwed back on.

So, don’t buy one that does that.

Why this is suddenly showing up among your friends I don’t know. Maybe this iteration is just kinda cute in a trendy way? I’ve used my dispensers for years. Everybody I know who hosts regularly has a couple. One family I go to, they carefully pour soda into them from 2 liter bottles, just to class the joint up a bit.


My husband and 11 year old son got one for me for Christmas. I think they got it at Cost Plus-or whatever it’s called now….World Market. Anyway, I’ve used it once since then-for book club. I filled it with ice water with sliced lemon. Everyone thought it was very pretty. The one I have has the spout pretty low so there’s not a whole lot of jerry rigging to get the last drop out. If it were up to my son we’d use it for every meal!


I have one. I love it. I use it every time we have people over and i put water with something in it(lemon, pineapple, cucumber). that way people don’t have to go to the tap.

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Rachel Roy

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