weddings: they’re not just for saturdays anymore!


Wills and Kate are doing it: breaking tradition by having their wedding on a Friday. But they’re not completely trailblazers: lots of people have chosen to skip the usual Saturday afternoon affair and hold their weddings on other days of the week. Having your wedding on an alternative day can really save on the dough: our site cost significantly less because our wedding was on a Sunday. I even know folks who had their wedding on a Thursday night who saved $2000 off their venue — and that is a lot of money where I come from. And some event sites have Saturdays booked out years in advance, so being flexible can also add more options when seplaceing for the perfect space. How about you? Was your wedding on Saturday or did you choose another day? — Megan B.

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I did get married on a Saturday, I did try to make it a Sunday or a Friday but the weekends that it would work my venue was booked solid. (Or one Sunday it would have cost MORE!)

I do love my wedding date – the day in between DH and My birthdays (I’m the 13, anniversary the 14 and his birthday the 15 of the same month!)


I got married on a Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. One of the best parts was that our rehearsal dinner was a catered Thanksgiving dinner. We did save some money on the venue because it was a Friday. Another bonus was that guests had time to travel home on Saturday instead of Sunday.

I am having mine this Sunday, and I saved at least $1000 on my venue cost, since its a “Destination” wedding, people were already taking days off. We got a better venue for what we had budgeted.

We married on a Thursday–the date was more important than the day of the week (George Washington’s birthday 2/22) and then had a reception 2 months later on a Sunday in the Chinese Room at the Smith Tower. Double bonus: it was about $1000 cheaper for the Sunday vs Saturday and everyone went home on time because they all had to work the next day!

My sister just got married on a Friday evening. It was way cheaper than Saturday, and just as fun.


We got married just before noon on a Sunday, and then the reception lasted all afternoon. It was a lovely day in early June (3rd) and we had it at a golf club with ocean views. We were married on the terrace, under an arbor covered with spring flowers. We were both 40 and it was a real family wedding with loads of kids, it wasn’t a drink and dance all night kind of wedding. Not that there wasn’t drinking and dancing all afternoon! I loved my wedding and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. And we did get an awesome deal–initially we were thinking about the fall (we were booking in early December) but the site people suggested an open date six months away, offered to give us an amazing deal, so we took it. And I’m glad we did.

So weird, I was just talking about this with the hubs. I had a Monday wedding, so that I could afford my dream venue…and it was completely wonderful. Let’s hear it for non-Saturday weddings!

Brad Krinks

Will & Kate’s wedding did get a pretty good turnout didn’t it?! So, ya I guess it can work. Tee hee…

I didn’t see the Queen smile though… still don’t think she approves.