this company will build you a secret lair


If you’ve been reading us awhile, you may remember the hidden bookshelf door how-to from a few years back. Well, if you’re really into the idea but are too busy in your laboratory (pronounced “la-BOR-uh-tory,” of course) to take on a construction project, check out Creative Home Engineering, the subject of a recent article in Wired. They’ll build you hidden entrances and secret rooms to your heart’s content, including features such as “a door that opens when certain piano keys are pressed or when pieces on a chessboard are arranged just so.” I am both frightened and intrigued! — Mary T.

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Almost 9 years ago (2002ish) BHG had an issue where they showcased a house with a secret room, it was the master and the “door” was a dining room wall that was on a spring hinge. It was second floor and the stair case had a window to the outside. I fell in love but didn’t rip out the pages cause it wasn’t my magazine. I wasn’t able to buy a copy then either. But it made such an impression, obviously. So this company appeals to me as well. I’d still love that BHG copy though. I’ve been looking for years. I almost feel like I imagined it.

Oh, wow, diabolocal builders to help build my underground lair! I can now concentrate on taking over the world with giant plushie animals, mwahahahaaa… ahem. Sorry. I mean, that’s really cool, I love the stone finish!


Wicked nifty.

I would love to have the door to my walk-in closet be a bookshelf instead. It would be fun to have a “hidden” room, but also quite functional to have a built-in bookshelf in the bedroom.

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