not all of this ‘extreme decor’ really is


If you take a look at the online version of the current cover story in New York Magazine, you’ll have an easy way to see what I think about the six “extreme decor” styles featured: the top three I do in fact find extreme (though I think the “paper planes” decor looks wonderful). The bottom three, I could happily move right in. It’s still an interesting look at some really creative folks. By far the most extreme to me is the couple who created disorienting whole-room designs with masking tape and paint splatter; I feel anxious just seeing the photos. The yarn bombing I don’t think even counts as decor — it’s for an art installation! And Amy Sedaris’ apartment with its fake food and vintage art? That just looks a lot like my own house to me. What do you think? — Mary T.

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are we numb or jaded now? Even the masking tape apartment has a study that I’d happily occupy.
Also, I always pictured Amy Sedaris’ apartment more crowded, less curated, but why? It is fantastic. I love the walls, is that a sing-a-long scroll?