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Kartell Plastic Cleaner

If you have any plastic furniture, I’m sure you’ve done what I’ve done: you notice your chair is a little dingy, so you get out Windex or some other cleaner and give it a spray. And then you have a chair that’s only clean in stripes from the drips the cleaner left behind. My beloved Verner Panton chairs have been through two moves, two dogs, and five years, and they were the poster chairs for this situation. Even scrubbing them with an SOS pad (I probably don’t recommend that) didn’t fix the drips. So when I came across Kartell Plastic Cleaner at a local modern furniture store, I wasn’t very hopeful: my S chairs have more texture than what I’ve seen from Kartell. Well, I needn’t have worried. A spray with the foamy cleaner and a rub with the enclosed cloth, and suddenly my entire chair was clean and bright again, not just in spots! It really took minimal effort to get them both looking good again.

The downsides to the cleaner? Though it’s free of ozone-depleting chemicals, the spray is petroleum based, which I’m sure will be a barrier to some. (Yes, plastic is also petroleum based, but plenty of us aren’t buying new plastic but instead buying vintage pieces.) Also, it honestly smells terrible to me, a lot like the spray a car wash place might use when detailing your car. So my advice is to use it outside if you have that option. — Mary T.

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ooh, interesting. Any one have feedback on how it does on the clearer pieces, i’m thinking about my Louis Ghosts with dog nose prints and some scratches.



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