five things we learned last week


1) Our edible gardens are on their way. Angela just planted hers and is looking for inspiration. Js says: “I have about 8 different herbs, cherry & regular tomatoes, cucumber, and assorted flowers, all still in pots. I thought I planted them early enough but they are still so tiny! I hope they grow super fast super soon so we can actually eat from them this summer. Raspberry bushes are wonderful to eat from, but they spread like weeds. Almost as bad as mint.” What’s in your garden?

2) We’re divided on the outdoor art by Cumulus Studios. Beth Ellen says: “That dead animal swing is a little bit cool and a little bit creepy….” Weigh in here.

3) Plastic wrap, ice cube trays and paper towel tubes are integral to these simple kitchen tricks from professional chefs. Julie says: “Good tips! Although I’m not familiar with one phrase you used…”leftover wine.” What is that? ;]”

4) Shelterrific readers are expert centerpiece designers. Sarah C. asked for inexpensive ideas for a bridal shower and it’s clear once again that our readers are not short on creativity. Submerged flowers, purple kale, potted miniature roses…the list goes on in comments.

5) Kartell Plastic Cleaner: Shelterrific-approved. Mary T. gave it a try and shared her endorsement. Ellie says: “Ooh, interesting. Anyone have feedback on how it does on the clearer pieces, I’m thinking about my Louis Ghosts with dog nose prints and some scratches.” Anyone know?

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