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For a few years now, I’ve been spotting these super-groovy vinyl wallets designed by a bunch of different artists all made by Poketo. I’ve always thought they were great, but I knew nothing about who made them at all. So when browsing around one of my favorite shops the other day, I ran across some of the grooviest stationery products I’d ever seen, made by, you guessed it, Poketo. So much more than wallets, Poketo (named after a mispronunciation of the word “pocket”) is, as they call themselves, “art for your everyday” — that means smart and whimsical stationery, housewares, and oh so much more. It’s easy to get lost in this art-filled wonderland; but a couple of points of interest are the brilliant Desk-it calendar (a weekly calendar post-it note pad), the open-dated Clover planner, the rechargeable Music Balloon portable speaker, and the perfect gift for dad: a Cast Iron Tool bottle opener.

Best part? All this “everyday art” is priced affordably for just about everyone. And if they sound familiar, they designed a hyper-popular line for Target last year that went in a flash. Thankfully for us though, they’re sticking around. — Megan B.

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If those balloon speakers are compatible with Creative Zens, then I need one, like, yesterday. I’m tired of all MP3 accessories being for iPods.