kinda genius: aqueduck faucet extender

Aqueduck faucet extender

Even without children of my own, I can instantly identify with the need for a contraption like the Aqueduck. Definitely one for the Why-Didn’t-I-Think-of-That file, the gadget extends almost any faucet so toddlers can reach the water with ease and avoid the old hoist-and-balance routine. Though an initial glance at the simplistic design might elicit some doubt in its value at $12.99, the five-star rating on seems to banish the notion, as many reviewers write that being able to reach the water (with the help of a step stool in most cases) not only eases the strain on little tummies and weary adult muscles, but also encourages hand-washing for the little ones. Another great find for my list of unexpected, but highly-functional gifts for parents. — Sarah C.

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GENIUS. Wonder if it’s small enough to tuck in a purse or diaper bag to take along, and if it attaches and detaches easily? Because that would be massively helpful in public restrooms, with their tall counters and lack of step stools.


That’s pretty slick… my favorite type of solution — easy and cheap.

Yes, it is small and light enough to tuck in a purse.
There will also be an Aqueduck bag available on our website for purchase too :)


We’ve had it for maybe three months and love it! It works great with our two year old, little miss do everything herself. She can get up on the stool and wash her hands without one of us holding her up at the sink. Easier for me and makes her feel like a big girl. Pretty sturdy too!

Angela M.

Man, we are getting one of these, right now! Where have you been my all these soaked hand-washing days!